Keep track of the contribution of the product, production and centers to the company's results

The managerial income statement is an effective tool for a comprehensive view of the creation of the economic result and profitability. Ideally based on the results of financial accounting. However, you do not have to study analytical income statements from accounting. Use the design of management reports tailored to your needs.

The managerial income statement is based on data in accounting, but adapts it to the perspective of managers. It depends on the achieved turnover and gradually takes into account the costs necessary for the creation of the product, to ensure readiness for the company's performance up to company-wide costs important for the functioning of the company. Unlike accounting, it respects the cause of costs.

You can use managerial income statements on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis, in a company-wide and central level. All you need is a few glances at the management reports we have prepared, tailored to your needs, to create an overall idea of your company's performance. The information obtained from managerial overviews is an objective basis for effective managerial management.


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