Penetrate the financial health of the company without knowing the financial statements

Financial analysis is an essential part of a valuable economic view of the company's operations and a basis for many corporate decisions. It is essential for the owner and manager of the company to know what the potential of the company is and what its weaknesses are. However, the results of financial analyzes are as useful in practice as their understanding is clear.

The application understands the need to interpret the results well. Each indicator is clearly explained and its resulting value is verbally commented. In addition, the results are color-coded as for a traffic light - green for optimal values, orange for increased attention and red indicating a weakness in the economic health of the company.

Try the free demo version of the application, get inspired by examples of analyzes and recommendations of the companies ÚSPĚŠNÁ a.s., NIC MOC, s.r.o. or BANKROT a.s. or directly enter data from your reports and learn much more about the company. For example, whether you would get a mark for the financial stability and performance of the company, how expensive a loan you can afford or how rich and efficient your company really is.