Get an economic assessment of the value of the company

We do not have a round expert stamp required for a forensic expert opinion. We also do not revalue assets to their carrying amount or market value. If you are looking for a valuation of a company for the purpose of passing or buying a company, an expert valuation report prepared by a forensic expert is not necessary. Use our expert opinion of the economic situation and the valuation of the company to objectively determine the extent to which the relevant price varies.

When valuing companies intended for sale or purchase, we focus on reviewing financial statements, annual reports and other information sources about the target company and analyzing the economy. We fully respect the sensitivity of the information we handle. We are ready to sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

Based on the inputs from the accounting and the outlook for future sales, we will evaluate the value of the subject of sale in a short time. We will also assess the financial condition and evaluate possible risks that may affect the valuation of the target company. We will prepare for you a summary evaluation report with a comment on the available accounting data, the results of the analysis of the company's financial health and a comparison of the values calculated by the most used valuation methods.


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