Prediction of financial statements, development of cash flow or creation of calculations with one click

How to compete and prosper in a time of constant disruption from work? Simplify and streamline business processes! Using Excel is commonplace today. But why not facilitate routinely repetitive activities by using professionally programmed macros?

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Do you intend to sell or buy a business?

We will support your decision by providing an analysis of the economics of the subject of sale or purchase. Our added value consists in verifying economic information about the target company, risk assessment and objective determination of the sale or purchase price. You will gain important information, thanks to which you will be able to make relevant decisions.

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Simplify the economic management of your company

Managers and business owners often look for an effective tool for financial controlling and reporting of their company, which would be understandable to them without the need to interview accounting specialists or study accounting. Such a tool is a managerial income statement. 

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Conveniently create a presentation of the company's economic results

Performing a financial analysis does not have to be a bigger problem nowadays with the knowledge of the right formulas and the use of a common spreadsheet that allows you to work with data and tables, perform calculations and data analysis. But how to evaluate and interpret the results? 

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