Ing. Milan Píša, financial analyst – specialist

"I admire your economic knowledge, teaching skills and I highly appreciate your dedication to sending participants additional materials to the topics discussed."

Ferrit s.r.o.

Ing. Andrea Sušková, controlling manager

"I really liked your seminar in Brno - Controlling in a manufacturing company and I gained a lot of practical knowledge."

Elim Vsetín, o.p.s.

Ing. Blanka Valcová, financial manager

"Thank you for the materials sent, but especially for the excellent training. I never thought financial analysis could be presented in such an engaging way."

Intesys BRNO s.r.o.

Marta Kovaříková, head of the economics and operations department

"I cooperated with Mrs. Vančurová during the implementation of controlling in the company and I appreciate both her precise approach to the issue and the overall approach to us as a client. During the whole cooperation, I perceived the effort to set up a really functioning system and not just provide some kind of performance, which is no longer very common nowadays and I appreciate it."

SAFINA, a.s.

David Lorenc, financial analyst

"Thank you not only for understanding the cash flow, but also for the entire course of the training. The biggest benefit for me is the connection of concepts that I knew more theoretically, with the use in practice."

stoba Precizní technika s.r.o.

Ing. Daria Kratochvílová, MBA, finance and accounting manager

"I contacted Mrs. Vančurová to help us with the introduction of controlling. I regularly attend courses that have always been professionally prepared, including practical demonstrations, examples and explanations. Based on this experience, I asked for a consultation that far exceeded my expectations. The original intention was mainly to verify the planned procedures, but during the joint discussions, new perspectives on the whole area opened up to me. I appreciate the interconnectedness of the whole issue of corporate finance, the breadth of knowledge and practical experience of Mrs. Vančurová. In my professional career, I have not encountered such great enthusiasm for corporate finance, supported by expertise and experience in companies, even at the level of corporate units."